Welcome to U.S. English


U.S. English wants to help you get more from

your business communication.


We offer professional analysis, development and training to a wide variety of corporate, institutional and private clients in Europe, the Middle East, Asia.

We will soon be in Brazil!


U.S. English is now based in Memphis, Tennessee and is a proud Member of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce.


 We are delighted to add Memphis and the Chamber to our

growing international network!


As the founder of U.S. English, I would like to take this opportunity to develop my close professional relations within the vibrant Memphis landscape.


U.S. English believes learning and improving

language is key to better understanding and

developing positive relations.


We have demonstrated this with over

25 years of international service

and I would like to help you.


In today's dramatically changing environment with added fears and social distancing it is even more important to communicate clearly and effectively but reach a

wider audience at the same time.


Business information needs to be better than ever particularly to inform others of changes and conditions

but also to attract more customers and satisfy an ever-growing internet based world.


U.S. English prides itself as being different than other conventional services. We work with every client on a personalized level either at their location or remotely.


We are a small business so we understand budgeting, timelines, all-in-one situations and start-ups.

No client is too large or small and all of our clients

get our best services.


We offer every aspect of language support including internationalization consulting to city administrations, organizations, businesses and private individuals

in order to improve and expand clear communication

and grow potential.


We design specific language training and unique services based on your needs. We work behind the scenes to

effectively accomplish what has been agreed through

careful consultation.


We have helped 100s of companies, government agencies, universities and 1000s of private individuals

reach their personal language goals!


I would be pleased to discuss your needs and how

we can expand your potential growth.


Your success is our success!


Looking forward,


Frank C. Ritchie