Our Style

Frank C. Ritchie, Managing Director

U.S. English is an internationally recognized group of professional English communication experts.


We specialize in providing the most effective business English training and support by using actual client-based materials in every situation.


Our language consultants come from a wide range of business backgrounds and are academically qualified and have relevant practical business experience.


This gives our clients the personalized attention they require; not simply following a generic book about business English.


We do not expect our business clients to sit in a large group of strangers and talk about subjects they don't need.


We provide an opportunity for you to relax in our comfortable learning rooms and develop your business English skills in confidential privacy or if you prefer, we are also ready to serve you at your company.


Our strategy is simple. We work for you. This means when you are successful we are successful. So you can relax and give your language concerns to us because U.S. English cares about your business.


We professionally analyze your company's language requirements and work with you to develop a realistic training program which ensures the highest quality available for your specific needs.


On top of that, U.S. English has a network of international business contacts. As your American Business Consultant we are ready to advise you in specific business English matters such as writing localized original marketing & promotional text or serving as your business English facilitator in confidential international meetings and negotiations.


We are proud of our team of qualified professionals for providing over 18 years of complete business English services including corporate language planning, training, individualized coaching and translation, all supported by specific industry knowledge.


Our aim is to provide the highest quality business English support and language services to our business partners and customers worldwide.


For more information on how we can help you, simply call or send us an email inquiry.


We looking forward to hearing from you.



Frank C. Ritchie