1-Day Seminars

U.S. English understands the need for presenting your best image in today's business world. That is why we offer short-term, precise training for very specific purposes.


We offer 1-day "Day-Seminars" tailored to meet your critical business expectations. We plan each in-company "Day-Seminar" on an individual company basis so no two seminars are the same.


"Day-Seminars" are perfect for polishing your existing English language skills, role playing business negotiations, rehearsing a live performance, or preparing a team to travel to a foreign country.


We provide on-site training which means we come to your offices. Your people do not have additional stress organizing days away in another location, no hotel expenses added to the training costs and you stay in familiar surroundings at your office.


There are no strange surroundings to manage. No questions about rooms, facilities or meal services. We train you using your business equipment and your facilities in order to maximize the real business conditions you face every day at work.


No-one from other companies using your training time. We train your people in your company so we can focus on specific internal topics in real time.


We organize the specific training material with you. We train you according to the agreed plans after doing a U.S. English "Needs Analysis".


This means you get customized training for exactly what your business needs, not something a traveling seminar provider downloaded from the internet presented at a high price to you.


Being prepared is critical for everything in business. Don't lose the time you have now to prepare yourself.


Let U.S. English help you before the event.


Contact us to plan your "Day-Seminar" in advance.


(Day-Seminars" are booked from 4 - 10 participants only.)